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   FABULOUS Group (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. produces granite and marble slabs, sheets, special processed products, columns, parquets, paving stones, tombstones and other stone products. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the consistent belief and serving customers with the most cautious attitude; providing customers with excellent quality, competitive prices and immediate delivery guarantee. In addition to supplying Chinese-made stone, Jiahao International Holdings maintains an average of 2,000 M3 of imported stone block stocks, which are imported from India, Brazil, the United States, South Africa, Europe and other countries. In order to see the beauty of natural stone, it has been dispatched to develop new stone types all over the world. There are as many as 200 kinds of stone types currently in operation, and it continues to increase. The sal

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How to choose the granite on the ground of the squa

How to choose the granite on the ground of the squa

The square floor has a large area, so the amount of stone paving is also very large. There are many types and specifications of paving stone. For outdoor floors, the characteristics of granite make it more suita...



How to prevent rust from Shandong white hemp?

Shandong white hemp is mainly characterized by odorless spots, no black spots, multiple rust spots, clear rust spots and deep yellow rust spots as its high quality. The high-quality...




How is the special-shaped stone classified according to the processing method?

The so-called special-shaped stone, as its name implies, is a stone product with no specifications and shapes in appearance; stone is a type of material widely used in the modern co...




How to choose a protective agent for sesame black granite?

Sesame black granite has compact structure, high compressive strength, low water absorption, high surface hardness, good chemical stability, and strong durability. It is suitable fo...


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